A New Stereophonic Sound Christmas Spectacular is a two-part 2018 Christmas special.

English SynopsisEdit

Zayats has been formally invited to a dazzling christmas party, and all of his friends will be there! However, so will his enemies, who have a surprise awaiting for him. What could it be?


Part 1: The Christmas PartyEdit

The episode starts in a desert, where Zayats and his friends are seen representing peasants on the day of the Nativity of Jesus. Volk, dressed as a devil, attempts various traps to prevent his enemies from getting to Bethelem: First, Volk digs a hole and covers it with a faux sand rug, with the intention that one of the four friends would fall into the hole, but much to Volk's dismay, they pass around it and he's the one who falls into his own trap. Later, he places arrow signs that lead to a cliff, which would make Zayats and friends believe that's the way to Bethelem, but in the middle of placing the arrows, he unknowingly falls off the cliff that he intended to make into their destination. Lastly, he disguises Pan as a notoriously fake camel which was to trick Zayats into thinking that "camel" would be a shortcut to Bethelem, but, just like his first trap, they simply ignore it. At the end of the sequence, the Star of Bethelem glows upon the four friends, and Zayats is deeply overjoyed to see that the lord is born, and soon it's all revealed that Zayats is just fantasizing about the moment, while his mother proceeds


  • The episode title is a play on "A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular", a phrase commonly associated with Pizzicato Five.
  • As stated by the late Saburo Koshou on September 18th, 2018, the Japanese dub of this episode will mark the very last time Wasabi Mizuta voices Zayats, being replaced by Tomoko Kaneda from then on.
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