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Don't let shame take away your pride.
— Zayats to Zinovy in The Unky Z Diet

Horlyo Tabaryet (Yatorobic: Ѧрꙙ Таварꙓт), who prefers to be called Zayats (Yatorobic: Заѣц), is the titular main protagonist in the Zayats franchise.


Before 1969, Zayats, or "Bunboy" before 1931, was a tall and teal-colored rabbit, he wore a completely black stringed outfit with suspenders and white shoes.

As of 1969, Zayats is now a small green-colored rabbit, he wears nothing more than a pair of shoes and a shirt with a white star on it, both of which are red.



Volk, as the main antagonist of the series, has a really strong hatred for Zayats as well as every single other rabbit existing, his plan is to get rid of the rabbit species as well as the human race.

Mano, Lucille and Leonidas[]

Mano, Lucille and Leonidas are Zayats's friends and adventure companions, they usually spend time together when not trying to foil Volk's plans.


At the time Horo was introduced in 2004, Zayats and Horo shared a mass rivalry, which Volk created him specifically for, but briefly after Horo decided to take on the defeat of Volk, the friendship between him and Zayats slowly began to grow, albeit Zayats rarely sees him in person.


Arnab is Zayats's brother, who he is very trustful of.

Zayats makes efforts into helping his brother, but he sometimes finds it difficult for him to know what he needs help with as Arnab only speaks arabic.


Zayats is madly in love with Mirana, and will do anything for her, even if it means risking his own life.

Usually, when Mirana needs help with something, Zayats holds no second thought into accomplishing her favor.


  • Prior to 1969, Zayats had a more adult personality than usual: He insisted in fighting as violently as possible, and usually, when he gets sad, he gets drunk likely to forget the problem. This was changed when Zayats was redesigned in 1969 due to controversy as Zayats's personality concerned many parents, specially because the series was watched more by children than by adults.
  • His real name, as well as his parents, were revealed in the episode A special meeting.
  • When very angry, he turns into a furious, insane, and psychotic version of himself nicknamed Abraxas.


Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (Spain)


Common nickname associated with rabbits.
Italian Coni From Coniglio. (rabbit)
Rest of Europe Bunnsy Similar to Conejín.
Japanese ザヤツ
増本 剛一
Masumoto Gōichi
Common Japanese name, meaning unknown.
Chinese 小绿兔
Xiǎo lǜ tù
Little green rabbit.
Wukong, a reference to Sun Wukong from Journey to the West.
Russian Кролик
Лука Харламов
Luka Kharlamov
Male given name, means light.
Korean 색끼
Taken from "녹" (Nogsaeg, green) and 토 (Tokki, rabbit).
Arabic زيات
Hindi कछुओं
Thai ต่ายต่าย
From กระต่าย (Kratay, rabbit).